October 2006: Earned the Certified SCRUM Master by Ken Schaber.

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Software & Database Development Resources

Object-oriented Software Development
Martin Fowler
Scott Ambler

Extreme Programming
Code Project (Free Source Code & Tutorials)
W3 Web Tutorials (HTML, XML, etc)
Patterns Home Page
Journal of Object Technology (JOT)
IBM (Library)
Agile Manifesto
SCRUM (it all depends on common sense)
Agile Alliance
Mountain Goat
Alistair Cockburn (Agile Development)
RUP/UML, Requirements-Engineering
Rational UML Resource Centre
Rational Unified Process (RUP)
Microsoft .net Technology & Resources
Microsoft .net
ADO and ADO.Net Resources
Object Persistent Layer for .net
.net Unit Test Framework
csUnit (Testing Framework)
C# Today 
C# Corner
Education Links
Software Schule Schweiz (ISBE)
Institiut für Informatik Uni Zürich
ETH Zürich (Department of Computer Science)
ETH Zürich (Computer Engineering)
ETH Zürich (Information Security & Cryptography
ETH Zürich (Information Security Center)
Schweizer Informatikergesellschaft (SI)
Fachgruppe Security (SI)
Grundlagen der Unternehmensführung (Uni Zürich)
Project Management
Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) free Tool 
Software Projects
Database Technologies
Microsoft SQL-Server
SQL Server Magazine

Oracle Technet
Software AG Tamino (native XML database)
Fast Objects from POET (object-oriented database)
Ronald Bourret (The XML database guru)
Database Forums 
About databases...
Object-oriented databases
Database Journal
Security / Cryptography & Firewalls
Microsoft Security Web Site
Security Check
PC Selftest
Security Guide
Sygate Online Securtiy Scan
Security Check
Security Focus  
Symantec Security Scan
Online Security Check
Computer Security Schweiz
RSA Security
Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)
ZoneAlarm (Personal Firewall)
Tiny Personal Firewall 
You will need Acrobat Reader ® to view PDF docs.  The twenty most critical internet vulnerabilities.
The design of a robust persistent Layer for Relational Databases (by Scott Ambler). Really worth to read it.
Application Architecture for .NET (by Microsoft)
Bookshelf: Recommended Reading
Agile Estimation & Planning (Mike Cohn)
Agile Project Management with SCRUM (K.Schwaber)
Design Patterns (Gamma et al)
Extreme Programming Explained (Kent Beck)